Access West Consulting

We’ve helped thousands of business owners save money, reduce risk, and grow their businesses by connecting them to our legal consulting and compliance services.

Unlimited Legal Consulting Services

Membership includes the following complementary services Unlimited Legal Consulting Services:

  • On-Demand Consulting
  • Handbook Review
  • Workers Comp Review
  • IIPP Safety Plan Review
  • Cyber Security Review
  • Live HR Hotline

You also get access to these amazing services at a discounted price!

» Employee Handbooks
» Compliance Posters
» Sexual Harassment Training
» Hiring Assessment
» Drug Testing
» Compensation Surveys
» Legal Projects Services
» OSHA 10 & 30 Certifications
» Exempt Status Review
» Credit Card Processing
» Payroll Services
» On-Site Training
» Safety Tailgate Meeting
» Disaster Recovery Assessment
» ERISA Wrap Doc
» Background Checks
» Wellness Program
» Employee Hotline
» Cyber Security Training
» Legal Contract Review

It’s easy to get the answers you need through our national network of top-notch attorneys and consultants, you will always have free and unlimited expert advice whenever you need it. 

Custom Assessment and Onboarding

Each member is assigned their own dedicated assessment team. Upon your enrollment you will have a custom 15-30 minute session to review all our services and how they might apply to any of your companies areas of risk.