It Is National Blood Donor Month!

January 23, 2015

National Blood Donor Month

January is National Blood Donor Month, which is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves to give back. National Blood Donor Month has been celebrated since 1970 as a way to call attention to the need for blood donations and to recognize those who have done their part to save lives by donating.

There is a constant need for blood, but there is an even greater need for blood during the winter months. Blood donations tend to drop during the winter due to weather conditions that cause blood drives to be cancelled, as well as illnesses that cause people to cancel their appointments. While there is a need for every blood type, type O negative is even more sought after since it is the universal donor and can be transfused into anyone, no matter their blood type. Each time you donate blood, you have the opportunity to save up to three lives.

There are thousands blood donations centers across the country, ensuring that you never have to drive more than a few minutes to get to the center closest to you. The Red Cross has made it even easier to find your nearest blood donation center though the use of their donor app. The free app that is already available for download can help users schedule blood donation appointments, track their donations, locate the closest blood donation center, earn rewards, and invite friends and family members to join their life saving team.

All of us at Access West Inc. in Murrieta, California would like to encourage you to do your part to save a life this month by donating blood!